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Almog's Headshot

"Pail paid an introspective homage to the Hollywood starlit through video, dance, acting and live music. Heartbreaking in moments, while humorous in others, the show took the audience on a journey through the rise and fall of fame in the not-always glamorous 1940s.Something tells me I’m not the only one we left The Gut curious to know more about Rita Hayworth, but more over what Pail might be up to next."


Shannon Webb-Campbel, THE COAST, Canada

Almog Pail is an actress, a graduate of the Theatre Arts Department at Tel Aviv University and the international program at HB Studio, NYC. She is known for her powerful performances delivered with genuine authenticity with major credits in theatre,  film,  television and voiceover. For the second year running, Pail has participated in a TV series which has been acquired by CBS. Her one-actress show Me, Myself and Rita aroused considerable interest not only in Malta, where it was performed in 2010, but also in foreign media, and has been admitted to the  largest solo performance festival in New York 2011.  


Some of her recent works include: Hillary Clinton in the comedy Fuel at the Midtown International Festival in New York City, 2011; Karen (lead) in Mamet’s Speed the Plow at the National Theatre in Malta;  Carabella in a Commedia dell’Arte called Love Potion for Arlecchino, which is a German-Maltese co-production, touring in Malta, Germany and Israel. She participated in Sarah Cane’s Phaedra’s Love, and played Rosannah DeLuce in Brilliant Traces. She has translated, produced and performed with the medieval play The Crucifixion from the York Mystery Cycle at the Bat-yam International Street Theatre Festival. Almog has currently booked a lead role in Tal Avarahami’s feature film shooting in Ukraine and Israel in February 2012.


Immediately after her first public performances in Malta with her one woman show on Rita Hayworth, Almog started receiving critical acclaim from international press and media for her multifaceted talent as an all-round performer. It became evident that Almog’s ability in the performing arts was of exceptional quality. Her level of expertise indicated that she was one of the few who have risen to the very top of the performing arts sector and that, while in Malta, she has sustained the international acclaim and recognition she had already received for her work overseas.